ABDULLAH KURT Founding Partner

Abdullah Kurt has been working as a Founding Partner in charge of Business Development in Pro-Per since 2010.  After 16 years of work experience in Turkish Air Forces, Kurt was in senior positions at General Electric as from 1998. He graduated from Business Administration Department, Anadolu University.

ORHAN CASUR Founding Partner

Orhan Casur has been working as a Founding Partner in charge of Technical Services at Pro-Per since 2008.  Graduated from business Administration Department, Anadolu University, he worked as Field Service Supervisor/Job Security Manager at General Electric after 22 years of experience in Turkish Air Force.

GONEN OZUYSAL Founding Partner

After working as a Service Manager and Country Director at General Electric - Granite Services Inc., Ozuysal started working as a Founding Partner responsible for Sales and Marketing at Pro-Per as of 2007.  Gönen Özuysal graduated from Yıldız Technical University Mechanical Engineering Department.

OZGE ERBAS General Manager

Ozge Erbas has been working as General Manager of Pro-Per since January 2017. Following her 12 years of experience at various stages of the public and private sector in the energy market, Erbas joined Pro-Per family as Commercial Director in 2014. Graduated from Business Administration Department of the Faculty of Political Sciences, Ankara University, Erbaş has a master's degree in Business Administration from TOBB Economics and Technology University.

HAKAN KUBILAY Electro-Mechanical Services Director

Hakan Kubilay started his professional life in 1997 working in assembly, start-up and operation stages of many projects both at home and abroad in energy sector and took up his Electro-Mechanical Services Director position on 10.10.2017 at Pro-Per. Kubilay graduated from Yildiz Technical University, Department of Electrical Engineering.

ARIF KAYI Manpower Director

Beginning his professional career at maritime sector, Arif Kayı had served as marine engineer on commercial vessels for 3 years. He has subsequently taken his role at energy sector in 2009 and experienced maintenance department superintendency of a combined cycle power plant for 9 years. Kayı has joined Pro-per as Director in October 2018 and has bachelors degree from Marine Engineering Department of Istanbul Technical University.